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Why Avenue Corporation?

We take pride in our services done in fine Japanese manners to take care of your needs and requests. We started the company with this quality service in 2006 and we assure you that we have never had any complications with our customers since. Every vehicle we send to our customer is fulfilled with our special care and our warm hearts.
Purchasing vehicles directly from Authorized Auto Auctions, the same way local dealers do for domestic use here in Japan, is the most reasonable and reliable way. We offer you access to over 150,000 vehicles every week from the 84 major auction houses of Japan. You will find a wide selection of vehicles of all make and models, colors and shapes. Besides our stock is supplemented with vehicles purchased from domestic car dealers and also directly from car owners as we try to bring you the most possible cheapest and most affordable way.
Take the advantage to purchase your vehicles from car expert who has strong ties with all of the leading shipping companies in Japan to provide swift and efficient shipping of your purchases.
We at Avenue Corporation do our best to meet every need and demand of our customers. Our most important commitment has always been to handle each and every vehicle with care, seeing it from the customer's point of view.
We can arrange all shipping methods to meet your special demand. We arrange RO-RO (Roll-on/Roll-off) vessels shipment and also container shipment, loading of which we do on our Chiba factory, special loading yard. Based on our experience, we will advise appropriate container loading plan.